Another Day, Another Chapter

As you probably guessed from reading the title, Chapter 14 is finished and posted. Check it out here. And no, before anyone says anything, the story isn’t over yet. Also, if anyone’s wondering about the equine references, they’re talking about PALE HORSE.

Somehow, I get the feeling that I’m going to get a lot of flak for the ending of this chapter, probably criticism that I’m taking a few pages out of Sam’s book. Just to clarify on that last point, I had the ending planned out long before Anonymous came to be.

Chapter 14 actually came out to be longer than I had originally planned, so what would have been the second half of 14 had turned into Chapter 15, which will be up tomorrow. I’ve set the goal for at least one chapter per day, so the story will be complete by Friday (hopefully sooner), and I can start Codename: White Knight on Saturday.

On another note, for those of you interested in international politics, take a look at this article from the Houston Chronicle. Looks like Fidel Castro might be setting up a move to transition the power of the Cuban government to someone else. Personally, I think he’s been dead for months and his brother Raul’s been secretly running things. But that’s just me. Still, it’s worth a read whether or not you think ol’ Fidel’s croaked.

And last but not least, for your viewing (dis)pleasure:

The Lincoln MKR Concept Car. Lincoln calls it darn-sexy. I call it butt-ugly.


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