It’s Here (Finally!)

Chapter 12 is finally finished. *whew!* That took entirely too long, thanks mainly as I said to a serious case of writer’s block. Fortunately, again as I’ve said, the rest of the story is pretty much planned out and should be finished within the next week. If it’s not, then I really have no idea when it will be completed, as I’m leaving for college this coming Sunday, and needless to say my life will become much busier after that. But don’t worry; More Than a Job and it’s sequals will eventually be completed, on this you have my word of honor.

Maybe eventually, once the sequals are finished, I’ll come back and add a bit more to MTaJ. I really wanted to get the story finished before college, and to do that I had to really cut down on building the relationship between David and Elizabeth. Oh well. Maybe someday…

Well, it’s getting pretty late, so I’m going to shut down for the night. Later, all.

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