Beginning of the End


Chapter 12 should be up tomorrow, if not later tonight. I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended).

Like I said before, Chapter 12 is the last chapter I haven’t really thought out all the way, so 13-16 (I think there’ll only be 4 more) will come fairly quickly. Definitely by the end of next week.

So, yeah, I’ll definitely be writing a sequal. I’ve gotten some complaints that More Than a Job didn’t/doesn’t have enough action in it. But, as I’ve said before, Codename: White Knight, which is the sequal’s tenative (though probably ultimate) title, will be pretty much non-stop action. By that, I mean that there will be a good action scene roughly once per chapter. For lack of a better description, think of a cross between The Transporter and either The Terminatior or maybe more appropriately The Gauntlet.


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