Well, it’s official. The Christmas Season… excuse me, I mean the non-demominational winter religious holiday season, has officially begun. Christmas-whoop, I did it again, I mean non-demominational winter religious holiday-sales are starting up in retail stores again, Holiday carols are being sung almost non-stop on my favorite radio stations, Winter Festival decorations are springing up all over the place, my family’s getting on my case for me to make my Annual-Season-of-Giving Wish List, and the US Postal Service has mailed out flyers letting everyone know when to mail their gifts so they arrive in time for the non-demominational winter religious holidays.

Being politically correct is a pain in the @$$.

Seriously, what’s the big deal with political correctness? Okay, I agree that calling someone with Down Syndrome “retarded” is rude and inappropriate, but some of the crap out there is just plain ridiculous! My family and I celebrate Christmas, okay? You don’t like it, then don’t come over for dinner on December 25. But don’t tell me I can’t set up a Nativity Scene or sing Christmas carols on my front yard. Again, if you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. I don’t have a problem if you’re Jewish and you put a Menorah on your front lawn. Do unto others, remember?

I think that Bill O’Reilly and John Gibson are right: there is a war against Christmas. Don’t believe me? Think about it; how come we get of for other religions’ holidays, but Christmas gets called “Winter Break?” How come many towns have passed ordinances banning the display of Christian holiday symbols in public places but have not done the same for other religions?

Okay, before I go any further, DO NOT use the commenting board to blast Bill O’Reilly or John Gibson. You can voice your disagreement with our views, that’s fine, but any name-calling, insults, or other forms of flaming will get your comments deleted. You’ve been warned.

Most of the excuses I’ve heard for getting rid of Christmas symbols, the religious ones at least, is because “we don’t want to offend people who practice other religions.” Really? Well, in my experience, there are two kinds of religious people: those who genuinely practice religion and those who profess that they practice. It’s the latter category, and they’re not really being religious, that take offense at Christian symbols so that they can try and prove that they’re Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or whatever. And it’s those people who really get me steamed.

Bottom line:

You don’t like Christmas? That’s fine and dandy with me. Just don’t try and keep me from celebrating it.


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