I Made It! and The Contest Results

Chapter 7 is up! And it’s on time too! Wow! Be advised, it’s a long chapter, so plan your time accordingly.

I’ve got Chapters 8 and 9 pretty much planned up, so they should both go up within the next two weeks or so. 8 is going to be relatively short, so it should be up pretty quick, but 9 is going to be pretty large, hence the 2 weeks.

Now, to change the subject;

Nerdjedi won my “cast a Legend of Zelda movie contest. His cast list is thus:

  • Link would be played by Humphrey Bogart
  • Princess Zelda would be played by Miss Piggy
  • Ganondorf would be played by Sean Connery

Sam came in 2nd, with the idea to make the film with puppets animated by Martin Robinson.

And those were my only two entried. *sigh* Now I remember why I vowed to give up contests in the first place.

And on a different note…

I’ve scored a great victory in my quest to get an airsoft gun! Mom’s finally decided that I can get one (over nerdjedi’s vehement protests) since I’m an adult now and I have my own money. Now all I have to do is convince Dad…

Since I’m new to the hobby (despite 3 years of exhaustive research) I’m going to go with an electric-powered rifle or submachine gun, since their less maintenance-intensive than a gas-powered pistol. Plus, I only need to buy one battery as opposed to many, many cans of gas.

Now I just need to decide which one to get. I’ve already settled on a manufacturer, but they make dozens of models. M16s, AK47s, Tommy Guns, MP5s, the list goes on and on. They all cost about the same and have roughly the same performace, so it’s all about looks. Hmm, maybe another contest…


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