The Method To My Madness

Okay, apparently my last post caused a but of confusion. Allow me to clear things up.

While I have posted Legacy of the Swan (which needs a better title *nudge* *nudge*) and may post Ghosts of Sherwood, I will not devote much effort to finishing these until More Than a Job is completed. Mainly, I posted Legacy because I like it but need some incentive to finish it eventually. Like I said, I hate starting a story only to abandon it when it’s only partway completed. Actually, that’s one reason why I posted More Than a Job– so I wouldn’t stop writing it halfway through and never pick it back up.

Actually, I have a confession to make: I don’t think I’ve ever finished writing a story. Seriously. I’ve come close in one case, but never actually completed a story. In fact, I usually don’t get past 10 pages in MS Word. The farthest along I ever got (22 pages) was with a mystery I was writing and planning to publish on FanFiction.Net, but then I decided to rewrite it because it wasn’t coming out the way I planned, i.e. everything kept coming back to the same clue (a mysterious Ferrari Testarossa) which really wasn’t much of a clue, so the story was pretty dull and monotenous. Then the rewrite died because I found a similar story that had already been partially posted on FanFiction.Net. It hadn’t been finished yet, but my story was similar enough to it that if I posted, I’d probably be accused of plagerism and be forced to remove the story. So that fell through.

So now you know the whole sad story about why I’m posting all these stories on Blogger.

Chapter 7 is almost done (about 70%-ish). It’ll definitely be up by Monday at the latest.

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