The Frustrations of an Author

Sometimes I hate writing. Seriously, I do. Not because I never have any ideas (I’ve got more than I know what to do with), but because sometimes my ideas don’t really work out the way I’d intended them to. Like right now.

I got maybe a quarter of Chapter 7 written when I decided I didn’t really like where the chapter was going, so now I’m gonna scrap what I’ve written thus far and start over.

The problem is that what I originally had going was, simply put, a minor action scene that didn’t really serve to further the plot. Actually, now that I think about it, the scene itself wouldn’t further the plot, but the aftermath will. So I can just trim the scene down and get on with the followup. Thank goodness I didn’t delete what I’ve already written.

Jeff brought up a good point; any Zelda movie probably would be pretty bad. Heck, I just found out that there was an animated series that ran as part of a short-lived Super Mario Brothers TV show, and that was canceled after 13 episodes! Not even one season! Supposedly, it was so God-awful that most fans were actually happy to see it go.

But, for the sake of the contest, pretend that either Peter Jackson, James Cameron, or Steven Spielberg is directing and Shigeru Miyamoto is either writing or co-writing the screenplay for the movie. In other words, there is practically no way on Earth it could be a bad movie.

So you’ve got until Monday to comment entries. PLEASE ENTER!


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