In Memoriam

UPDATE: Good news; my computer is no longer “dearly departed.” It is, however, in a coma awaiting a transplant. In other words, we determined that the power supply broke and we’re going to try and buy one at MicroCenter tomorrow. So disregard most of the rest of this post.

This post is dedicated to my dearly departed computer. It died this morning.

The power company cut electricity to the street so they could safely remove a tree that was threatening to bring down a wire. But when they turned the power back on, there was a surge of some kind, and now my computer refuses to turn on.

This isn’t like the last time something like this happened, when my computer turned on but refused to boot up. This time, my computer simply refuses to switch on. This is so depressing; all of my files, all of my stories, everything was saved on that computer, and now they’re gone forever. I’m at a loss for action. I’ve tried everything, but it still won’t switch on. I think I’m gonna cry.

So no new chapter of More Than a Job today, but fortunately I’m writing that directly into Blogger, no MS Word involved. However, Codename: White Knight was being written into Word, and if I can’t recover what I’ve already written, that might cause some problems for my proposed trilogy.


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