Meet the Lady in Red

Okay, I know, late post, sorry about that.

Chapter 5 of More Than a Job is currently at least 48 hours away, as I have only a vague idea of what’s going to happen. But it will get posted, you have my word. Actually I’ve been wondering, does anybody actually read More Than a Job? I’ve gotten very little feedback (which I really want), which leads me to assume that few people, if any, are actually reading it. So do you actually care that I’m writing it, or is this a rehash of Legacy of the Swan?

Okay, now that that’s over with, to business.

I was surfing around on the Web today and came across something interesting at the Aston Martin website. It’s called the Aston Martin Configurator, and it lets you custimize your very own Aston Martin. Well, being the curious and creative person I am (as well as having way too much free time), I decided to give the Configurator a whirl, and cooked up my very own Aston Martin DB9 Coupe, which I have lovingly decided to call The Lady in Red. Check it-uh, I mean her-out:

Beautiful, isn’t she? Merlot Red paint on the exterior, Obsidian Black/Chancellor Red leather adorn the interior, she’ll go from 0 to 60mph in 4.9 seconds with a 186mph top speed, 450 pure English thoroughbred horses under the hood, and she’s all mine! Well, she’s my design anyways. Base price for one of these babies is $155,000, and that’s without all the custom extras I installed. *sigh* Maybe one day…

As nerdjedi will no doubt comment later, he doesn’t like the fact that I’ve named the car The Lady in Red. I know that most of you are thinking “Who in their right of mind names a car?” Well, since I custom designed this DB9, I can’t help but thinking of it as my baby, if you will, and I felt like I had to give this car, no, this work of art a title. So, please forgive my eccentricity. However, if you have any serious suggestions for a better/different name, I’m open to them.

I encourage you, if you have the time and/or interest, to try out the Configurator. There are literally thousands of possible outcomes for each model of Aston Martin available. Hey, I might even turn this into a contest…

Well, that’s all for now. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with a Lady and the open road.


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