I woke up this morning to find only one of my nostrils functioning normally and an abnormal amount of pressure behind my face. In other words, I’ve got a head-cold. Rats. I can’t breathe through my nose and my head feels like it’s going to explode. This stinks. But how would I know, since I can’t smell? Yeah, I know, the joke was awful, so sue me. (I’m being facetious. That was a joke. Don’t really sue!)

In happier news, Chapter 4 of More Than a Job is complete! It’s shorter than the last 3, but this time there’s some action going on. Check it out! Acutally, be sure to read Chapter 3 if you haven’t alreadydone so, otherwise Chapter 4 will make no sense. Does anyone actually read More Than a Job? Seems like Sam’s the only one who comments on it…

I think I’m going to write another “guilty pleasure” action scene as Sam calls them. It’s going to star the same narrator/protagonist as Just Another Day at the Office. The tenative title for this one is Reservoir Mutts. It’ll go up in a day or two…

That’s all for now. PLEASE COMMENT!


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