A Few Points I’d Like To Clear Up.

  1. What does “XD” mean?
  2. Despite what Jen might claim, nerdjedi is not a target! I have absolutely no desire to shoot him with an airsoft gun, nor do I have any illusions about what might happen if I did. And, on a similar note, nerdjedi actually shot me with an airsoft gun once!
  3. Sam, a .357 Magnum cannot knock a person over. Nor can a .44 Magnum, nor a .50AE, nor a .475 Wildey Magnum, not even a .500 Magnum can knock someone over from recoil force. The only kind of gun that I think could come close to knocking someone over from the force of its recoil is a pistol that fires a .50 BMG cartridge. Usually, rifles like this Barret M82 are the type of firearms that are chaimbered for .50 BMG. And to give you an idea of just how big the .50 BMG is:

From right to left, we have a .22 Long Rifle, a 5.56 NATO (fired from an M16), a 7.62 Soviet (AK-47), a .308 Winchester (a typical hunting cartridge), a .300 Winchester Magnum (used by most police and military snipers), and finally the .50 BMG cartridge.

EDIT: My friend, Joe (whom I briefly mentioned in my last post) told me once of a man who brought a .50BMG pistol to his father’s firing range. According to Joe, either the man had removed the pistol’s muzzle brake or else it didn’t have one, so the recoil of the gun broke both of the man’s wrists. Ouch. Also, I’m sorry if I sounded angry or pushy earlier. I had yet another discussion (more like an argument) with my mother last night over why I, a legal adult, cannot spend $290+ shipping of my own money and buy and airsoft gun and all of the required accesories (battery, charger, spare magazines, etc). Basically, mom’s argument boiled down to how guns are evil, that they’re purely instruments of death and destruction, yadda yadda yadda, and that the first think I’ll do with it is shoot my brother. That last comment really made me angry, as I’ve owned a piece-of-crap spring pistol for almost two years and never shot anyone with it. I was still ticked when I checked the blog, and Jen’s comment really struck a nerve. So again, I applogize if I sounded pushy or rude earlier.

On a different note, look for a new chapter of More Than A Job. It’ll be up soon. DISREGARD THIS STATEMENT, FOR IT IS OUT OF DATE: CHAPTER 3 HAS BEEN POSTED AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!


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