Words Fail Me

My creative juices have run dry. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation.
What does this mean for you, the reader?
Well, first, it means that Chapter 3 of More Than a Job won’t get posted today, and maybe not tomorrow if I voluteer at the museum.
Second, it means that I’m going to just ramble randomly for the remainder of this post.

Okay, check this Newsweek article out. Is this a sign of the apocalypse or what? I don’t know whether to jump for joy or run for the bunker.

If Hollywood got off it’s rear and made a new Robin Hood movie, who should be cast as Robin Hood; Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, or Hugh Jackman?

This here is my dream car. It’s a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds
Top Speed 208 mph
617 horsepower
575 ft-lbs of torque

Cost: $452,750 (plus Tax) That’s why it’s my dream car. Odds are I’ll only ever get to dream about driving it.

Should I spend my money on a Wii (new Nintendo system that comes out next month)…

…or a new airsoft rifle?

They both cost about the same.

Just out of random curiosity, how come no one comments on my blog?

My offer still stands; link your blog to mine (and let me know you did) and I’ll link back.

…okay then. Blogger was acting up there for a minute. Said it couldn’t connect, and if I tried to post or save a draft I’d probably loose what I was working on.

Blogger’s wierd. If I hit “enter” enough times, it double-spaces automatically, even when I don’t want it to. Anyone know if and how I can turn this off?

Yeah, I’m really bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored…

Scooter’s been acting crazy all day. And his breath smells awefull! Like rotting tuna fish.

Can’t wait until Casino Royale comes out. 28 days left!

I can’t think of anything coherent to write, except that I’ve been writing this post for about 45 minutes and this is all I’ve got. Pathetic, isn’t it?


EDIT/UPDATE: I’ve decided that instead of buying an airsoft replica of a Heckler & Koch G36 (see above picture), I’m going to get a replica FN P90. Blogger is being stupid and not letting me upload a picture, but it’s the gun that they use on Stargate. I’ll put a pic up as soon as Blogger starts cooperating. Anyways, the P90 is $200 cheaper than the P90, so I’ll be able to get both the Wii and my airsoft gun. HORRAY!


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