Lots of Muppet Videos, and Some Other Stuff Too. MASSIVE POST WARNING!

First off, here are my three favorite characters from the old Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef and Bunsen + Beaker!

These guys are the best, though these aren’t my favorite skits. I’ll post those when I find ’em.

Next up we have a wierd video I found the other day. Muppet Treasure Island + The A-Team =


But this one’s wierder! Don’t watch it unless you want a really annoying song stuck in your head.

Another Swedish Chef skit. This one freaked me out when I was little (like 2):

Okay, that’s enought movies for now.

I posted Chapter 2 of More Than A Job. Be warned, that blog is having some issues. I’m working on those…

EDIT: I’ve fixed the issues present with More Than A Job. However, this means that the blog is no longer in “book-like” format. Unfortunately, I’m not experienced enough with Blogger to do anything fancy at the present time. Maybe in the future I can make it fancy, but at the present time it’s just a normal blog. *sigh*


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